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Bolshoi Tourism, one of the first privately owned in-coming travel agencies in Russia, opened its first office in St. Petersburg in 1991. Today it has three of them: in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Paris, and is still one of the leaders in this highly specialized and competitive field. Its tours to Russia the Baltic States, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Ukraine are specially created to satisfy the client's budget, to fulfill the client's needs and expectations, and to help the client realize any little desires - even if they are quite out-of-the-ordinary.

Bolshoi Tourism, one of the major and most professional Russian destination management companies, is highly efficient at negotiating tempting bargains and is keen on devising innovative tourist programme activities. Just for openers, imagine a visit to one of the local casinos ensconced in the mansion of a wealthy Russian merchant of the last century. Or having dinner in a magnificent eighteenth century tsarist palace. Or spending an unforgettable night in the legendary Mariinski theatre?

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